Oct. 26th, 2012 12:45 pm
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My weight this morning.

Back in November of 2010, after 6 months of doing a daily calorie log of what I ate, I decided to try just eyeballing things based on what I had learned about portion size. I continued to lose weight.

In April of 2011 I leveled off at 148 lbs. I stayed between 145 lbs and 150 lbs for most of a year.

This past Summer my weight started to creep back up. After ConCertino I was 151, after Pi-Con I was 152, after WorldCon I was 154. I know that it is only 6 lbs up, but it is a trend that I don't want to continue. I would lose a little, get down to 151, and then it would go up again. This week I decided that eyeballing wasn't working, so I went back to doing a daily calorie log (target 1600 to 1700 calories per day). This morning for the first time in 4 months I am under 150 lbs.
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While I have been less physically active the past couple of months I have managed to maintain my weight at 147 to 150 pounds, most of the time. At special occasions like birthdays/holidays/conventions I tend to get a bit more lax in my habits, and my weight will go up to 152. I realize that is not a huge fluctuation, but going up to 152 makes me a little nervous.

This past week, for whatever reason was something different. On Friday morning I weighed myself at 145 pounds. That is the lowest number my weight has ever been in my adult life. My general reaction was "neat". Since then on Friday and Saturday I have experienced some of the strongest food cravings I have felt in over a year. I think I may have kicked my metabolism into "starvation mode" as well.

While I am happy with the 147-150 lb range, in the back of my mind I had thought I could lose more weight if I wanted. I have come to the conclusion that 145lbs. is not a weight I should consider, my body is not happy with it. Now I know.
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Some of you probably remember when I was posting regularly about my weight, with calorie counts and exercise lists, that ended back in May. At least the posting about it did. I have fallen out of the exercise habit, I pay attention to what I eat (most of the time) but don't really count calories anymore.

Back in May when I last posted it, I weighed 148 lbs. I still weigh myself 3 or 4 times a week, at times my weight has fluctuated as high as 153 lbs (69 kg). Today I weigh 147 lbs (67 kg) so I have managed to maintain my weight this year. My waist is still 33 inches (84 cm).

I'm glad to see that I have been able to maintain my weight, and hope I can continue the trend next year.
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On May 19th, 2010 I posted that I was unhappy with my physical condition. So I decided to do something about it. I increased my activity/exercise and I limited my calorie intake.

My weight on that day was 183 lbs. (83 kg) and that was not the highest number I had seen on the scale in early 2010. My goal at the time was to lose 24 lbs in six months, roughly a pound a week. It seemed a significant, yet achievable goal. Now a year later I weigh 148 lbs. (67 kg). I lost 35 pounds since a year ago, 19% of my starting weight.

My waist measurement last year was 35 inches (89 cm). I was hoping to get down to 33 inches. Today it is 32 inches (82 cm). The smaller pants I saved for “someday when I lose the weight” fit again. I have sewn buttons back on to clothes that fit again. I have brought suits to the tailor to be taken in. I have had my belt shortened twice.

It has not been an easy year, but it is nice to have something positive come out of it.


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