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This weekend I am heading to Albany, N.Y.

Friday night I am heading to Troy for the "Mandala House First Friday Music Circle"

then Saturday I'm going to Zombie Planet for the 13th Albany Gameday

By Easter Sunday I'll be back with my family


Mar. 15th, 2008 09:56 pm
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Fun post First

Today I went to The Boston ENworld Gameday, and it seems a good time was had by all.

It was held at the home of [ profile] viking_cat and [ profile] kid_cthulhu and their two Tollers.

The first game of the morning was a Castle Zagyg adventure run by the surviving author. The game was dedicated to Gary Gygax. I played a Gnome Illusionist (/Rogue) and did quite well. In spite of my AC 10 I took no damage. I gamed with (I believe) ShadowDenizen, Bruce K., Zephrin the Lost, Nellisir, Kriskrafts, & Skinnydwarf.

The second game of the day (that I was in) had us laughing nearly nonstop. The players (and their characters) were: Eridanis (Dr. Leonard McCoy of Star Trek); Zephrin the Lost (Jim DiGriz of The Stainless Steel Rat); Anti-Sean (Zap Brannigan of Futurama); Umbran (John Crichton of Farscape); MavrickWeirdo (Maxwell Smart of Get Smart); Nellisir (Ellen Ripley of Aliens); and Thornir Alekeg (Alfred Bester of Babylon 5)

The Premise was "An indestructible device exists on the planet Oxnard, fourth planet in the Rhynarr solar system. Once every eight days this object taps into an alternate dimension and transports a humanoid individual to this world. Nobody knows exactly how the device works, who built it, or what it’s original purpose was. However the ‘Worlds Apart Intergalactic Employment Agency’ is now capitalizing upon the object’s existence by finding employment for whoever the device delivers. They are currently staffing a crew for an intergalactic spaceship."

I need to game more often.
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Albany Gameday VII is March 10th.

Player sign up is open. Please come by and hang out with some great people.

Details on the website and ENworld thread.

Albany Gameday



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