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  • I took part in a musical (thanks Ben)

  • I wrote a Filk

  • I hugged people

  • I met new people

  • I sang in circle

  • I got to hear people who don’t sing often

  • I handed out Pi-Con bookmarks

  • I played Pirate Fluxx

  • I went to some author readings

  • I got some free books

  • I got some free bread

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but my pants are so bankrupt. Beyond the usual "too busy to read LJ", the screen of my laptop stopped working on Saturday, right after I finished editing a spoken word piece I was planning on doing that night. I couldn't get the screen to work for the rest of the con.

Other than that frustration, and missing [ profile] chaoticgoodchic on her birthday, everything was good.

Most of the con was spent hanging out with people, chatting (too many to mention, but if we talked, then thank you for adding to my fun.) and going to filk circles. I'm glad that I went to the memorial circle, I had only met Greg recently, and in a way, that circle let me get to know him better. It was wonderful seeing Faeryn & Maya again, and meeting Scott.

I did 5 songs in open filk over the course of the weekend. All of which were well received.

Friday I did Mary Ellen Carter & Colonies' Lament,
Saturday I did Catch a Tail by the Tiger & Getting to be a Rabbit with Me,
Sunday I did my usual I'm Going to go Back There Someday

I tried avoiding the Concertino 09 concomm planning meeting, but it came after me. I was invited to do the Hotel Search for the convention (partly because they would like to hold it in Worcester again, and I am the only member of MassFilc currently living in Worcester). I accepted. I have No Idea what I do next.

The concerts were all highly entertaining, Including the Song Sequiter "panel".

Closing note: Sunday night; Waiting at South Station for a train back to Worcester, I met up with Guitar player, and he admired my cloak. He asked if I was a LARPer? Or maybe I did ren-fairs, I said "no, I'm a filker" and then some more we spoke.

He was in town visiting family for the weekend, and was waiting for a train back to Quebec City. He recognized the term Filk, so I asked where he had heard of it. He said he had learned about it after he heard, "This woman who wrote a song based on the Firefly Theme". So of course I informed him that she would be one of the Guests of Honor at FilKontariO in April.

[Just a couple more and I can get a New Toaster ;) ]
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When I met up with [ profile] lovensong87 at Boskone she told me that she had been offered a job in Pennsylvania, so had moved in with her Aunt for a while. As a result lovensong87 had brought a number of things from home with her including the Colonies' Lament painting.
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On friday I completed a SQL Server training course. I did learn some things, but at times it was very difficult to stay awake. The class was over at 4pm, but my ride would not be able to meet me till 7pm. The training center was next door to the Burlington Mall, ) I finished the book I was reading (A Year and a Day by Sara M. Harvey, good book, I highly recommend it) by 5pm )


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