Mar. 19th, 2012

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With the lovely weather we have been enjoying this past week I have started walking again.

As I was walking on the sunny side of the street I noticed a couple of tiny (1/4 inch diameter, or 6mm diameter) colored plastic beads. They seemed to be widely disbursed along the road, a couple every foot. Most were red or green, but there were also orange, blue, yellow, and one gray one. I have no idea how they got there; were they once part of a child's toy? Were they spilled on the way to the dump? Did they end up in the sand that the town spreads on the road during snow?

I decided that rather than having these colored beads spread randomly, that they should be gathered in one spot. I picked up as many as I could find (several dozen) and placed them in a spiral pattern in the dirt by the side of the road.

I considered picking them up to dispose of them, but leaving them artistically "in situ" appealed to me more than adding them to a landfill. I'm sure in time they will be covered up with more dirt, but it is nice knowing that for a while other people who happen to walk along that road may stop and wonder at the spiral I left there.


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