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I am a creative person. I draw, I paint, I write, I sing, I game, I organize. I am finding that lately I am committing to projects that spend my creative energy on things which aren't "My art". This is not a whine or a complaint it is an observation.

A major example this year has been "critical reading". I have read for entertainment/fun for most of my life, and still do. In the past couple of years I started Beta-Reading for writers. It lets me read stories, for free, before the rest of the world, and I get to contribute my opinion. That being said, being a beta-reader is not the same as reading for fun. I can't just fall into the immersive nature of the story, I have to pay attention in different ways.

I have also been reviewing Advanced Reading Copies on LibraryThing (dot com). Again Free Books. Again not the same as reading for fun. The big change this year is Hugo Award reading. This includes the "recently published binge" I did to come up with nominees, and reading the "Hugo Packet". At this point I have read (or listened to) about 70% of the nominated materials. It is all quality, but not necessarily stories I would normally read.

Another place my creative energy is going is Smoffing (Convention work). I loved helping to make ConCertino 2012 happen, but I am also glad it is over. 7Pi-Con is going to be amazing this year and you should all be there.

So now you know why I only posted once in the month of June.

My current project list:
Finish reading Hugo Novellas & Novelettes
Send in Hugo Ballot (next week)
Send in Pegasus Ballot (next week)
Write a review for "Tales From Super-Science Fiction"
7Pi-Con work
Post ConCertino Con Report
The "Sekrit Projikt"
Plan my trip to WorldCon

And after all that I can (I hope) get back to some painting.


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