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While I was in Portland, ME anyway, I decided to check out some of the shops.

I looked up the addresses of several bookstores, thrift shops, and two drum shops (yes Portland actually has 2 drum shops). Unfortunately while both of them had some nice bodhran/hand drums, neither had quite what I was looking for. I headed over to Congress Street, where several of the other businesses were located. Right by where I parked I came across a pawn shop which had some instruments in the window. I decided to go in and check out what they had.

As soon as I walked in, on the right, resting on a bicycle was a bodhran. Real bent wood frame, real fixed hide head, 18 inch with an "X" crossbar. It had a tag saying $75 and came with two tippers. I asked if I could try it and the clerks said yes. I tapped and beat it a few times, and found it had a beautiful tone. I considered if I should haggle, but decided that I was willing to pay the full price.

The manager came up to me and asked if it was what I was looking for. I answered quite honestly that It was a very nice instrument, but I had been looking for a 16 inch, and it was an 18 inch. The manager replied that "it had been sitting around the shop for a while" and "he could let me have it for $60 cash." After a $3.00 ATM fee, and $2.00 tax I was able to bring home my bodhran for only $65.00.

I have checked online and similar instruments sell for at least that much, not including tippers or shipping, so I am pleased with the deal. I do need to get a case.
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