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Chicon7 had the best opening ceremony I have ever seen of any convention. They decided to use the late-night talk show format. John Scalzi (Toastmaster for the con) was host, who after his monologue sat behind a desk. Toyboat was the house band. It worked brilliantly well. It was lively and informative. The pacing worked, in spite of the fact that he brought on about a dozen people. In addition to all the guests of the con they brought up: the con chair of the second worldcon, the con chair of Chicon7, and the designer this year's Hugo base.

I must remember in the future to bring tissues to the Hugo ceremony.
It started with the list of names of writers, artists, fans, and other luminaries that have passed on in the previous year. There were many names that I got choked up about, but when the name Alice "Badger" Washburn scrolled up the screen I lost it, it was sad and yet I think she would be pleased to be a part of the Hugo ceremony.
Then we have the Big Heart Award, before they announced the name, they started reading the accomplishments of recipient: Author, Fanzine Publisher, Filker (at which point I realized OMG they mean Juanita) and then they announced the name Juanita Coulson. I am glad that I had the privilege of being in the room when they honored Juanita. More tissues needed.
Scalzi did a great job hosting the ceremony. His opening speech about what the awards mean to him, about the "7 stages" of Hugo Nomination, and what it says about our community was quite touching. Then the acceptance speeches. By the time we got to Jo Walton at the end I doubt there was a dry eye in the house.

I also enjoyed the Masquerade, it was an excellent presentation with a remarkable lack of skimpy outfits. The number of intricate mechanical props does seem to keep going up.
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