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As part of the Month of Letters I have mailed and written 37 postcards in the month of February. I have seen it said multiple places that if a letter is an old school e-mail, then a postcard is a tweet. I'll admit that there are similarities.

Tweets are short messages of 140 characters
My postcards messages ranged in length from 75 characters to 220 (with an average of 130 characters). So while most messages would fit a single tweet not all would. In addition writing gave me a flexibility of font and spacing that is rarely available online.

This doesn't include, the image on the back of the postcard, the stamps used, stickers attached, address sending, address receiving, date, or signature.

Admittedly tweets often include links & hashtags which can add images or information to the message.

I did find that there was space on the postcard to include website addresses, which is not as interactive as a link, but it still gets the job done.

The major benefit of tweets is that they are real-time communication where a single message reaches multiple people.

The major benefit of postcards is that it is a physical object sent to a single address.
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I have managed to keep up with my mailing schedule so far. I have mailed out 13 postcards and one valentine so far this month, to 11 different towns. I expect to start getting responses from some of them very soon. I should start choosing postcards and stamps for next week's addressees.

I am actually designing a new postcard so I will have something different to send certain corespondents.
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I have decided to participate in the A Month of Letters challenge. To write and post a letter or postcard for each day the post office is open in the month of February. There is more information at

As it happens I have some Steampunk Postcards I made for Arisia left over, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to use them. If anyone would like me to send them a postcard then please reply to this post (with a mailing address) and I'll add you to my list. All replies are screened.


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