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Or maybe even Home from a successful 7Pi-Con

I am rather pleased with how things went.
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Be there or be non-circular
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Such as it was,

but let's focus on the positive.
  • Catt Kingsgrave, backed up on guitar by Adam Fromm, gave a great concert on Friday
  • Heather Dale & Ben Deschamps gave a wonderful concert on Saturday
  • Stranger Ways Version 1.75, with bonus Ben Deschamps, gave a terrific concert on Sunday
  • I saw at least six new faces at various filk/song circles over the course of the weekend.
  • The drum-circle went very well
  • The workshops by Heather & Ben were well attended
  • I got to sing in front of people I don't see often enough
  • The Ellington Room was a good size & shape for filking.
  • I got to see friends grow as performers
  • My friends supported me, so that my filk track at pi-con entertained people
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This weekend I will be at 6Pi-Con in Enfield, CT

The Author Guest of Honor is Jo Walton
The Science Guest of Honor is Dr. Pamela Gay of AstronomyCast
The Guest of Awesome is Trisha Wooldridge

and with Special Musical Guest Heather Dale

there will also be concerts by Catt Kingsgrave and Stranger Ways 2.0

I hope to see you there
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So today I officially volunteered to be the filk coordinator for 6Pi-Con in Enfield, CT; August 26-28, 2011. I would link people to the site but it is currently being reworked. Let me know if you have an interest in how filk will happen at Pi-Con next year


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