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Last week I went to the Fryeburg Fair. Expecting crowds, it turned out that Monday was a good day to go. I was able to get a parking space 2 blocks from the fairgrounds, and crowds were not bad at all.

It is an agricultural fair, where I checked out exhibits of woodcarving, canning, baking, livestock, etc. They had wool in every state from freshly sheered to spun and dyed. I bought some goat cheese from the family that owns the goats (Basil pesto goat cheese spread). I bought Maine grown raspberry jam, and raspberry blossom honey. I got maple coated malted milk balls. There was a booth selling goat suede vests. They looked really nice, but the cut didn't suit me so I didn't buy one.

One of the "rides" I tried was the "Power Jump Bungee Trampoline" It allows you to jump 25 feet into the air, and do flips. It was amazing, but I was glad that I did it on an empty stomach.

Around dinner time I settled down to eat a bloomin' onion watch a performance by "The Squid Jiggers" a Celtic music duo.

On Friday my brother Brian stopped by for a visit (along with Kate and Adam from the Whitehaus). We went for a walk up to the Madison Boulder, enjoying some of the fall colors.

On Saturday I went to the Tamworth Farmers Market where I bought a half bushel of liberty apples, a half gallon of Chocorua apple cider, some tomato & chive yogurt dressing, some onions, garlic, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and cranberries.

Today I went to the Sherman Farm Ma(i)ze. Where I had fun getting lost.


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