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Aug. 20th, 2012 09:39 pm
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Pi-Con was great this year. Hardly any issues cropped up (for me at least) and people had fun. People enjoyed the programming I arranged. All the performer did a great job. With the stress I had been feeling before the con my expectations were low and in many ways this Pi-Con exceeded my expectations.

However nothing is perfect and I find I am in the mood to whine about the the imperfections. I debated whether I should post my whining, but I have decided that it is my journal I can whine if I want to. I will place my whine under the cut so nobody has to read it who doesn't want to. I am not looking for a pat on the head. Even more I don't want people to tell me I am being unreasonable. I want to post what I am feeling without worrying about what other people think. I beg of you please do not read this unless you really want to.

It is so frustrating to plan fun things for people and have hardly anyone show up. I think my biggest disappointment was the Subs concert. So many people left at noon or 1pm on Sunday. Would it have killed them to stay till 2pm? It was a great concert, but I wish that more people could have stayed to hear it. I know some people have a long drive. My drive was 5 hours and I stayed till 4:30 in the afternoon.

It is so hard to get critical mass in the filk room. Up to 20 people at the con came to filking, but it seemed like I could never get more than 8 of them in the room at the same time. (Other than the songwriting workshop which had amazing attendance. I was very pleased with how that went.) I kept getting up in the middle of circles to see if I could find anyone roaming the halls that I could drag into the filk room.

And of course there is the disappointment of not getting to see stuff because you have to do other things. I felt that I could not go to the "2010 Our Hideous Future: The Musical" because I was needed to fill in the numbers in the filk room. Of course the people who started filking at 9 were about done when the second wave came in at 11:30 after the musical ended.

Also, if I never heard mention of Barfleet again it would be fine with me. While I don't drink, I have no objection to other people drinking if they choose. However I find that I can't see Barfleet as anything but enticing people out of the filkroom with with offers of free booze. I admit I can be childishly competitive sometimes, some of it feels like people would rather get drunk at Barfleet than hang out with me in the filk room.

I also missed the Dr. Horrible Shadowcast because of the "Daylight Filk" was scheduled opposite it. While I know that there are times when 2 cool things happen at one, the thing is that I had originally scheduled it at 2pm but Programming ask me to move it to 5pm. Then after I moved it Dr. Horrible got dropped in last minute. Plus many people chose that timeslot to have dinner. So "Daylight Filk" was (I think) my worst attended circle of the weekend.


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