Apr. 30th, 2012

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Books Read in April

  1. Apr 22: Grave Peril by Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files #3) 2001, Roc (Penguin Group), Urban Fantasy [S]
      It had clever moments, but "Vampire Angst" was why I resisted this series in the first place. I'm done.
  2. Apr 30: Feed by Mira Grant (Newsflesh #1) 2010, Orbit (Hachette), SF, Urban [L]
      Well written and horrifying

Podcasts in April

  1. Writing Excuses (Season 7) by Mary Robinette Kowal, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, & Dan Wells; Panel, NonFiction (F/SF); In Progress
      I just like to listen to writers talking about writing
  2. The Points Between by Christopher Wright, read by author, Fantasy; In Progress
      In the style of old time radio thrillers
  3. Escape Pod Edited by Mur Lafferty (Anthology), science fiction
    • Episode 338: The Trojan Girl by N. K. Jemisin, read by Mur Lafferty
        Slightly transparent cyberpunk fable
    • Episode 339: ”Run,” Bakri Says by Ferrett Steinmetz, read by Mur Lafferty
        A darker look at the time loop story
    • Episode 340: Golubash (Wine-Blood-War-Story) by Catherynne M. Valente, read by Marguerite Croft
        A SF story about wine that MRK didn’t write
  4. I Should be Writing by Mur Lafferty, NonFiction; In Progress
      The podcast for wanna-be fiction writers
  5. Pay Me Bug! by Christopher Wright, read by author, Space Opera; Complete
      A good story, early episodes suffer a little from inexperience
  6. Matcher Rules by Mary Holland, read by author, SF; Complete
      Is Novi Colony the Utopia it appears?
  7. The Hidden Institute by Brand Gamblin, read by author, SF; Complete
      Illegal schools don't do background checks?
  8. SF SqueeCast (Season #1) by Lynne M. Thomas, Seanan McGuire, Paul Cornell, Elizabeth Bear, and Catherynne M. Valente, Panel, NonFiction (F/SF); Complete
      A fun fannish interest panel, suffers a bit from remote connectivity format

Vlogs in April

  1. MHS Hysteria Log: Season 2 by "Stagethane", Full Cast, Steampunk/Time Travel SF; In Progress
      A series of short (4-8 minute) tongue-in-cheek vignettes.
  2. Doodling in Math by Vi Hart, performed by author, Non-Fiction; In Progress
    • A series that shows that math is fun
  3. My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart, performed by author, Comedy; In Progress
      She keeps getting better
  4. Megan Tonjes: Vlog Every Day in April by Megan Tonjes, Journal; Complete
      A Month in the life of a YouTube Singer/Songwriter


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