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Strowlercon was a great event. I was able to watch Friday night’s concerts on a live feed, which prepared me for the awesome.

Saturday morning I arrived and signed in. It was a nice mix of people I knew, those I had met once before, and new people. I checked out the dealers/makers room. I hugged people.

I went to 3 “juggling” tutorials over the weekend: One on poi-spinning, one on Contact Juggling (which happened on International Contact Juggling Day), and one on basic 3 ball juggling. I also checked out a copper/jewelry demo by PurpleShiney Creations, and a leather/mask making demo by The Uncommon Façade.

On Saturday night a few of us decided that we were not in the mood for burlesque so we took over one of the open rooms and had an unscheduled filk circle. We had about 7 or 8 people participate in that.

Of course the big events of the weekend were the concerts I especially enjoyed Kellianna, Heather Dale, Ben Duchamps, Betsy Tinney, and S.J. Tucker. There was a lovely game of “musical” musicians going on where Ben played with Tricky Pixie, and Betsy played with Heather. I didn’t know that Ben played fiddle. Betsy did an amazing job backing up Heather, a couple of times “pulling out the whales” for nautical songs.

I also enjoyed the talk S.J. Tucker and Catherynne M. Valente gave on collaborating and inspiring each other.

The closing was an open mike where people who had been the audience all weekend turned the tables and entertained the performers. There was alot of takent in that room. It was an all-together amazing event. Thank you to S.J. & K' for making it happen.

There is a Live feed of Strowler Nights at


Date: 2010-11-01 08:07 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It was great meeting you at StrowlerCon.

I hope you keep up with the contact juggling, you're pretty darned good!

Cheers from Dallas,
Russ Sharek


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