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Today for the first time in a while I did Yoga. I also inflated my Balance Ball. I hope to get into the habit again.

Last week

Oct. 3rd, 2011 01:09 pm
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After the rainy weekend we just had it may be tough to remember that last Monday was a beautiful day. I took advantage of it by going kayaking. The day was 75o F and sunny. the leaves on the trees were just starting to change color. On the lake I was able to slowly paddle within 10 feet of two loons. When they get spooked they escape under the water instead of flying away. I also saw two separate cranes, one preening by the lakeside, the other by the beaver-dam inlet.

While it was a good time, I was feeling it in my arms and shoulders by the time I got across the lake. I realized that the previously when I went kayaking I had been doing yoga regularly, so I have started up my routines again, I have now done yoga twice in the past week.
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I slept in this first day of the year.

I have been re-listening to one of my favorite podcasts Full Share by Nathan Lowell (Trader's Tales #3) this was encouraged by receiving Quarter Share (Trader's Tales #1) in paperback for Christmas, and the first eight episodes of Owner's Share (Trader's Tales #6) being posted on Podiobooks. I recommend this series to any fans of Miles Vorkosigan or the Liaden Universe.

My plans are to fit in a two mile walk and sunset yoga (which I now start at 4pm instead of 3:40pm).
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In six months I lost 17.5% of my starting body weight. )
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Since I will be traveling tomorrow I did my weigh in this morning
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