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In case you didn't know, my grandfather (who I am currently living with) has sold his house, and is moving this weekend. (Yes I do have someplace to go, that is not the issue).

My grandfather has lived here for 25 years. Before 5 years ago my grandmother lived here also. For the past month we have been sorting through the accumulated contents of the house. (For those who have helped me move in the past, multiply that times five.) Last weekend we cleaned out the three outdoor storage sheds my grandfather has. We filled a dumpster with junk.

We have donated several boxes of "rummage" to charity. We had an antique dealer come in to see if she would take anything. We had an auction-house pick up a van full of furniture. I claimed a set of cast iron pans, and a couple of clay figurines painted by my great-grandmother. The major discussion has been:

We can't let that (item) leave the family.
Does anyone want it? No one speaks up.
Does anyone have room for it? No.
We can't let that (item) leave the family.

Some things are being stored for a yard sale this spring. My uncle suggested we take a bunch of stuff, rent a storage unit for one month, then leave it there and let the storage company claim it. I've been sneezing on dust most of the month.

It has been a month to remember, and I can't wait till October is over.
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I will be attending Arisia this weekend. I do not have a hotel room, instead I will be staying with my brother in Jamaica Plain. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

Then my brother is going on tour in February and March, so I am subletting his room. During that time I'll be looking for work, but I'm sure I'll have time to get together with people. I'll have T access (and possibly a car).

Moving out

Feb. 13th, 2010 11:35 am
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Within the next half hour
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Got the 12 inches predicted yesterday, but I was able to clear the driveway in 2 sessions yesterday and one this morning.

Meanwhile still packing indoors.

This is my 3rd time moving in 2 years
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Does anyone know anyone who could take in a cat?

One of the drawbacks to moving back in with family is that I can't take my cat snowball with me.

I'd be willing to bring the cat anyplace in any state between Chicago and Boston

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One week from today, February 11th is the first day of Capricon 30

I will not be there

I will instead be picking up a moving truck to head back east.

Normally I don't like to ask for big favors, but I'm making an exception.

Would anyone be willing to forgo some of their convention time to help me pack the truck. Please.

I am aware that this is a major favor if you say yes, and will not hold it against anyone who does not, or can not be here.

I am going to miss Chicagoland and will be back as soon as economically feasable.

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But you can Bankrupt My Pants. I haven't been online since July 17th so please let me know if I have missed any big news.

I am now in Chicagoland. *Kermit flail* Yeaaaaa.

Thank-You's go out to:

[ profile] outlander and her friend, [ profile] bercilakslady, [ profile] happyfunpaul, my brother Brian, [ profile] ultimatepsi, and [ profile] dvtune at the Lowell end

[ profile] almeda, John, Beka, A.J., and [ profile] chaoticgoodchic at this end.

The drive went smoothly (for the most part) and unpacking is in progress. Snowball (my cat) worried us by disappearing, until we figured out she had gotten into a crallspace. She is coming out to eat, and use the litterbox, but not when anyone is around. (Snowball is not a fan of change.)

While I am online a belated Happy Birthday to [ profile] kittyguitar,
and Happy Birthday today to [ profile] vixyish

Skip 150

Jun. 22nd, 2009 09:14 am
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150 friends posts since I was brousing lj last Thursday, and I haven't been reading lj thouroughly since before DucKon, so...

If you have posted any Big News in the past two weeks please give me a wave.

I currently want to add posts on

CGC visit
Relocation Process
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I have achieved Floor.

I managed to unpack, move, and resort enough boxes this weekend that there is now space in my room.

Just in time for [ profile] chaoticgoodchic to visit this Wednesday.

And it only took me three months.
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Chaoticgoodchic and I have decided that we are not ready to move in together. So I am not moving to Chicago. I'm sure this is a big shock to some of you (it was not an easy decision for us either).

Given a choice between being staying with people in Massachusetts till I can find another job (No, my old job won't take me back, I asked) or staying with people in Illinois till I can find another job, Massachusetts makes more sense. I know more people here, and my family is here.

I am still moving out of my current Apt in Worcester, and I will still need help loading the truck this Friday (19th) and Saturday (20th)

I am sorry to disappoint those in Chicagoland who were looking forward to seeing me.

Hugs are appreciated*

*I am currently online at the Worcester Library I don't know how often I'll be able to check E-mail or LJ


Aug. 29th, 2008 10:43 am
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Good news: I finally caught up on sleep for the month of August.

Bad News: I've been sick since Monday. I managed to make it into work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week, but I've been sleeping most of the time I wasn't at work

Current moving plan is that my last day of work is two weeks from today, and then start packing the truck three weeks from today
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Those of you who read this are probably already aware that when my wife moved out this past May, I refused to help her move. Letting her go, when I wanted her to stay, is tough enough without helping her walk out. I did not help her pack; I did not carry boxes; I did not move furniture.

She got about half her belongings over there, and said she would pick up the rest when she got a chance. It is nearly four months later and less than one car load of her belongings has been moved over there in the intervening months.

In Massachusetts there is a tradition called The Tax Free Weekend. In mid August, to boost the economy, sales tax on consumer goods is repealed temporarily.

I decided to declare Laborday Weekend this year a The Guilt Free Weekend, meaning that for this weekend, and this weekend only, I will help her move her stuff out of my apartment. I'm doing this as much to get it out of my way, as to help her.


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