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Today I played a demo session (on Google plus) for a collective storytelling RPG. It is called Bhaloidam )
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I had a very nice time at WPI gaming weekend. I only went Saturday and Sunday this year. I played 3 new games

Puzzle Strike Which is like a whole bunch of things, except it uses chips instead of cards.

Endeavor An exploration game, where you establish trade routes to other continents. In a step unusual for me I chose an "attack other players" strategy. I did o.k. for a first time playing.

Container: Second Shipment To me this game is a simplified McMulti. I had never played Container before, the other three players had not played the Second Shipment expansion before, this put us on relatively even footing. In the end I won (163, 158, 157, 148) a 15 point spread on an over 600 (total) points game is very close.

I also played Fineto, Galaxy Trucker, Puerto Rico, Kingsburg, and several games of Dominion
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For me the past weekend I have been at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) for their semi-annual SFS Gaming Weekend. I played many games, some new, some old standards. I also got to reconnect with a bunch of friends I don’t normally see.

Some of the “old standards” were: Apples to Apples, Bang, Cosmic Encounters, Dominion, Inca Gold (an updated version of Diamant), Mcmulti, OOTS Adventure Game, Porte Rico, Samarkand & San Juan.

And the New Games )
After gaming I went to Mass Filc )
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  • I took part in a musical (thanks Ben)

  • I wrote a Filk

  • I hugged people

  • I met new people

  • I sang in circle

  • I got to hear people who don’t sing often

  • I handed out Pi-Con bookmarks

  • I played Pirate Fluxx

  • I went to some author readings

  • I got some free books

  • I got some free bread

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It was the best of times )
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Exercise this week:
I walked nine miles over 5 days, I did not swam or kayak. I did 4 half hour yoga sessions, I spent 1 hour carting boxes of games for setup.

My average calories per day this week were 1600;
with a range of 1471 – 1828.

My big concern was Gaming Weekend, my first day there I was way over on calories, but I managed to stay with reasonable numbers on Sat & Sun. I made sure to get in some walking in and at least 1 yoga session over the weekend. Gaming 22 hours, with 2 hours of sleep a day may also have spent more calories than usual.

Now the news that some of you have been waiting for results under the cut )
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I am home from the A-Term WPI Gaming Weekend )

Mind Game

Aug. 3rd, 2010 05:50 pm
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I'm a gamer.
I like to play boardgames, cardgames, rpgs, and Larps.
I have created uncounted characters, and backgrounds.
I have even written a scenario or two.

But now I have gone too far. Over the past for days I have been creating a card game from scratch, where players are telepaths trying to gather mental affinities, from the universe and/or each other.

Mind Game Rules )
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Over the weekend I went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Science Fiction Society, Gaming weekend. It was a great time. I can’t say all the games I played but some highlights of the weekend were:

  • Blowing minds of about a dozen people at once with my defense of the newest Star Trek movie. Even people who hated the film admitted I had a point.

  • Finding a “train game” that I like TransAmerica it is fast and simple, and you build on other players routes instead of blocking them

  • Eye of Argon had a small but creative group reading/enacting it

  • Played 3 games of McMulti which I don’t get to play often because it is out of print

  • Lots of hugs, and seeing people I haven’t seen in a year


Mar. 17th, 2010 11:17 pm
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I'm going to WPI SFS Gaming Weekend
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Yesterday instead of sitting around watching the snow (which I have been doing for days) I was sent on a mission.

I was needed to go pick up my brother's mother-in-law at the airport in Boston.

I decided to make the most of the trip. I left early to give me time to visit some bookstores in Cambridge. Pandemonium did not have any copies of "A Local Habitation" but the Borders Books in the Cambridgeside Galleria did have 1 copy (which I bought).

After I took Fran from the airport to her home I met up with [ profile] maedbh7 and [ profile] theloriest. They then asked forced me to play Race for the Galaxy with them. It was a fun evening.
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We gamed for nearly 12 hours at the Staybridge Suites where a friend of a friend was staying.

We played a six player game of my custom Zombie Fluxx deck*, twice
We played a five player game of Aquire
We played a five player game of Settlers of Cattan: Cities and Knights

I won the first game of Fluxx
CGC won the second game of Fluxx, and Settlers
[ profile] janmagic won Aquire

* My custom Zombie Fluxx deck below the cut )
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I had a very good time at my first Windycon

The costumes were amazing (Ever seen a steampunk wheelchair?) While admiring costumes in the hall we came to the conclusion that if Steampunk were chosen as a theme again then it would have to be

Steampunk Two the Etheric Bugaboo

The guests were gracious and funny

The filk circles were lively, and I got to hear new people, including one young guitar player who wrote "teenage vampire blues" while at the con. I managed a personal Filk Milestone while I was there. I actually covered a filk song in front of it's creator. I sang This Ain't Over Yet in front of Tom Smith. He graciously played along.

I got to see people I hadn't seen in too long, from some of you I hadn't seen for a whole 2 weeks to [ profile] voiceofkiki who I haven't seen in over 2 years.

I also got in a bit of gaming over the weekend.

All together it was a successful con
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I only had to "skip 112" to see what I missed over the weekend

As it happens I was without my computer since 4:30pm EDST Friday, so if there is anything important that I missed over the weekend please let me know through either a post here or an e-mail (I did see I was drafted into the "Pre-Move Mental Health Brigade")

I had a great time at the WPI SFS Gaming Weekend. Thanks to everyone I gamed with (way too many to mention). Thank you to Brewer for crash space. Thanks to [ profile] ulitmatepsi for the ride home.
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I think we will go with bullet points )
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I'm finally getting around to posting about last Sunday when I went to [ profile] maedbh7's house to play some games

We played Settlers of Catan Cities & Knights, Alhambra, Race For The Galaxy and San Juan.

The way we did R4tG was interesting. We had 2 experienced players and 4 people who had never played it before. So the 4 new people played while [ profile] ultimatepsi and I kibitzed.


Oct. 20th, 2008 10:11 pm
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I spent the weekend at the annual TMA LARP

It was amazing.
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  • Did:
    • Wandered Dealers Hall (Cheese Weasel Quest)

    • Watched last session of Tower of Gygax

    • Picked up my ENnies booth Swag Bag

    • Napped

    • NW/CM dead dog, board & card gaming

    • Slept (2am)

  • Met:
    • Joan Wendland

    • Connor Walsh

  • Played:
    • Demos
      • Walk the Plank by Green Ronin

      • En Guarde by Slugfest Games

      • "Lascaux"(Mayfaire) earning a Sheep ribbon for CGC

      • "Falling"

    • Race for the Galaxy

    • Three Dragon Ante

  • Bought:
    • Hat

    • Dice Bag with a zipper (for CGC)

  • Lunch:
    • Lunch: P.F. Chang's

    • Dinner: Weber Grill Restaurant

  • Nots:
    • Race for the Galaxy expansion not out yet

    • Looney Labs were not there

    • Ellen Baker was not there

    • Did not play Dread

    • Did not do True Dungeon

    • Dealers ran out of Zombie Master (Fluxx) Box

Details )


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