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I have been derelict in my duties.

One of the things I have been doing with my time is being the publicity person for ConCertino 2012, the Northeast Filk Music Convention. Yet with all the "publicity" work I have done I haven't talked much about it in my own journal.

Some of you may be wondering "What is a Filk Convention?" I'm so glad you asked (please, just pretend you asked). It is a whole weekend of fannish music.

We will have workshops, we will have a dealer's room,
we will have concerts, (and we are importing talented people for the concerts).
We are bringing in people from England to perform!
We are bringing in people from Canada to perform!
We are bringing in people from Pittsburgh to perform!

ConCertino 2012 is June 29th to July 1st pre-reg is open till June 1st
more info at
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A joyous birthday to [ profile] ocelotn, [ profile] mysticfig, and [ profile] gee_tar

Also, if last year was "The Answer" for me, then I don't want to know the question.
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Well maybe not the worst, but in some ways it was not an easy con this year.
The physical absence of Badger was quite noticeable at times. I missed Badger far more than I thought I would. I definitely got hugs and socializing which I needed last weekend.

Just so this post doesn't sound like a complete downer, let's talk about the Awesome. The concerts by Stranger Ways and Sassafrass were just incredible. How incredible you might ask? Take a look

The Changelings

The events I did make it too were quite good, Red Shift manages to keep being new and entertaining every year (which can be a challenge for that type of satire). The readings I went to were good. Filking went remarkably well. I saw many new faces in the filk room which makes me happy.

I was sorry to miss a couple of things, such as the SF/F poetry reading. Also I never found time to go looking for Christiana Ellis (no relation) to get my copy of Nina Kimberly The Merciless signed.

In spite of the fact that I was not in any way staff of Arisia, I felt like I was still working at the con this year. My jobs:
  • Concertino 2012 Publicity: Bring flyers and manage the fan table on Saturday, and in general talk up Concertino.
  • 7Pi-Con Filk Programming: Talk to certain people about performing at Pi-Con, touch base with Con Chair, and in general talk up Pi-Con.
  • President of MASSFILC: Run the monthly business meeting on Sunday, be a positive role model of filking, and in general talk up MASSFILC.
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When I went for one last round of goodby hugs at 4:30 on Monday, one of the people I hugged had an undiagnosed case of scabies. I was bundled up to go outside so I don't think there was skin-to-skin contact, but I am telling you to be on the safe side.
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I have been spending the past 5 days on face-to-face interaction instead of online, so if you had any big news I probably missed it (With the exception of [ profile] little_cinnamon's news, which I had been waiting for).

I had a great time at Arisia and got home safely late last night. I'll be posting about that later.
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Thursday I'm going to "The Sovereign Nation of Gojirawitziev" (which is surrounded by Watertown) to enjoy a house concert by Adam Fromm

Friday I'm going to Alice Washburn's memorial service.

After that is Arisia, I'm occupying the Concertino 2012 fantable for a couple of hours saturday, but other than that I have no specific commitments.

I'll be crashing at the Whitehaus in JP and commuting to various events by public transit.
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This year I am thankful to my friends and family. Your support, encouragement, & camaraderie are what have helped me keep going this past year. Thank you all.

My Weekend

Sep. 26th, 2011 11:37 pm
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On Saturday I went to the Massfilc meeting.

On Thursday before the meeting I talked to [ profile] orawnzva & [ profile] fiddledragon to find out if either would need a ride. We decided that orawnzva would go to the first half of the circle, I gave him a ride home. After the business meeting I went to pick up fiddledragon who then went to the second half of the circle. It was good to see each of them.

I sang a few songs, listened to some songs, and during the business meeting I was elected President of Massfilc.
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I had a very nice time at WPI gaming weekend. I only went Saturday and Sunday this year. I played 3 new games

Puzzle Strike Which is like a whole bunch of things, except it uses chips instead of cards.

Endeavor An exploration game, where you establish trade routes to other continents. In a step unusual for me I chose an "attack other players" strategy. I did o.k. for a first time playing.

Container: Second Shipment To me this game is a simplified McMulti. I had never played Container before, the other three players had not played the Second Shipment expansion before, this put us on relatively even footing. In the end I won (163, 158, 157, 148) a 15 point spread on an over 600 (total) points game is very close.

I also played Fineto, Galaxy Trucker, Puerto Rico, Kingsburg, and several games of Dominion
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Such as it was,

but let's focus on the positive.
  • Catt Kingsgrave, backed up on guitar by Adam Fromm, gave a great concert on Friday
  • Heather Dale & Ben Deschamps gave a wonderful concert on Saturday
  • Stranger Ways Version 1.75, with bonus Ben Deschamps, gave a terrific concert on Sunday
  • I saw at least six new faces at various filk/song circles over the course of the weekend.
  • The drum-circle went very well
  • The workshops by Heather & Ben were well attended
  • I got to sing in front of people I don't see often enough
  • The Ellington Room was a good size & shape for filking.
  • I got to see friends grow as performers
  • My friends supported me, so that my filk track at pi-con entertained people
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  • Monday: I went to Somerville to work on the schedule for 6Pi-con. I can tell you it looks like a great con.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Was spent getting the new house ready, swimming to avoid the heat, and worrying about [ profile] orawnzva.
  • Thursday: I visited orawnzva in the hospital. Next I went to my first Readercon, met [ profile] maryrobinette in person and got my copy of Shades of Milk and Honey signed. I crashed at my brother’s place, where I got to see him perform some poetry.
  • Friday: Back at Readercon, went to author readings, checked out the dealers room, went to a Interstitial Arts Party hosted by [ profile] skogkatt. As I was leaving met up with [ profile] hms42.
  • Saturday: I went to visit [ profile] fiddledragon in the morning. In the afternoon and evening I was at the MassFlic meeting in Nashua, N.H. [ profile] madfilkentist performed a new song that you have to hear to believe. While there I performed: Rich Fantasy Lives, Witnesses Waltz, Like Their Feet Have Wings, and One Small Hit
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The Subs are having a CD Debut Concert this Sunday June 17th at Emack & Bolios, 7pm to 10pm.

I believe this is their Live at Arisia CD. I was lucky enough to be at the Arisia concert and can tell you that they are a real treat.

Here is a sample:
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Happy belated birthday to [ profile] mrgoodwraith and [ profile] vaurien

Happy Birthday to [ profile] zimarra and [ profile] geojlc

and an early Happy Birthday wish to [ profile] emp42ress
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For me the past weekend I have been at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) for their semi-annual SFS Gaming Weekend. I played many games, some new, some old standards. I also got to reconnect with a bunch of friends I don’t normally see.

Some of the “old standards” were: Apples to Apples, Bang, Cosmic Encounters, Dominion, Inca Gold (an updated version of Diamant), Mcmulti, OOTS Adventure Game, Porte Rico, Samarkand & San Juan.

And the New Games )
After gaming I went to Mass Filc )
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So my brother's place (where I have been staying for a month) is called The Whitehaus

It is a 3 story, 13 room (2 full bath) house full of artists & musicians where they have regular performances in the front room. For example last Saturday there was a performace by Gracious Calamity one of whom lives here (and the other would live here if her job weren't in another state.)

All I know is that I don't experience Con withdrall while living here.


Mar. 4th, 2011 11:05 am
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For his birthday gift [ profile] slipjig has asked his friends to commit an act of forgiveness.

I am aware that this is a touchy subject for some people so I will place my thoughts behind a cut. This is my journal; these are my thoughts; based on my experience. Your mileage may vary.
Forgiveness )
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(Who am I kidding Aquarians are to individualistic to unite.)

A very happy birthday to [ profile] ocelotn, [ profile] mysticfig, and [ profile] gee_tar, an early happy birthday wish to [ profile] beable; and a belated happy birthday to [ profile] partiallyclips
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I tend to get curious who friend-lists me, and why.
So if you have decided to add me to your flist, here is a place you can introduce yourself so I can know you better.

You are not required to post here, but I don't friend people back unless I have some idea who they are.

(If you are already on my flist, you don't have to post here.)
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Some of you probably saw this on [ profile] ohiblather's already.

By [ profile] eelumir Still Alive Nanowrimo )
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Things I am thankfull for:
  • CGC for putting up with me
  • My Family for putting me up
  • The Internet for helping to make the woods more bearable
  • The Woods for helping to make exercizing more bearable
  • My Health
  • And of course My Friends, I am thankful for you all


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