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There was only one disappointment about FKO this year )
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This is not a report of all the great people and things that happened at FKO, this is about one great moment for me. The entire post will essentially be about 1 song. cause it’s my journal )

I'm back

Mar. 27th, 2007 02:40 am
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Back from FKO

had a really great time there

how long till next con?
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Last night I went to a House-Concert at [ profile] tigerbright and [ profile] teddywolf's home, by Gwen Knighton (of Three Weird Sisters, and N'Early Music Consort). I missed most of the "Meet and Greet" which started at 5pm, but I was on time for the concert which started at 7pm. There were about two dozen adults there with a small army of kids playing upstairs. Our hosts have a very nice home well laid out for entertaining.

Gwen passed around a request list before she started, but very few people made specific requests. I was tempted to request Iowa which is on Rite the First Time but was not sure if she would do it because it is not one of her own songs. It turned out to be the second song she played. :D

She also included three parodies (which she does not sing often), two new songs (performed for the first time in concert) and (by audience request) a reading from the novel she working on. I did not have enough money on me to buy her solo CD, Box of Fairies but I plan to pick one up at FKO.
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I have my FKO membership (confirmed)

I have a hotel room reservation

I have my passport (arrived Friday)

So who else is going to FKO?
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Yesterday I went to the Post Office and turned in my passport application. It should arrive in about 2 weeks.

Another step closer to FilkOntario!


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