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I had a marvelous time at ConCertino 2012 this year. I managed a good balance of “Enjoying the Con” and “Working at the Con”

Friday Morning I went grocery shopping for the Consuite with [ profile] fiddledragon, then transported the groceries & [ profile] orawnzva to the Hotel. From there the hugfest began.

I decided to start the weekend with a couple of traditions. When I first met Mich & Marilisa in 2007, it was early Friday afternoon, before FKO reg had opened, so to pass the time a group of us went out for dessert. I thought sweets before the con is worth being a tradition. The second tradition was the visit to the Burnside Fountain (a.k.a. the Turtle Boy Statue). Seanan enjoyed visiting it in 2006; Brooke went to see it in 2009; so I decided to continue the tradition.

As we were about to leave, the fire alarm went off. This delayed our trip as we tried to decide if we had everything we needed without heading back to the rooms. I took Mich, Marilisa, David, & Socrates in my rental car. Randy & Kira followed in Kira’s Volt. The group seemed sufficiently in awe of the Turtle Boy Statue, and the cupcakes at Sweets in Worcester were a big hit.

Back to the Hotel around 3:30, which gave me time to print up program grids, bring some merch to the Dealer’s room, bring in the soda for consuite and hug lots of people before the start of the con.

Then came the first real hurtle of the con. The hotel was also holding a wedding Friday night (this we knew). What we didn’t know was that with a wedding in the courtyard, the only way to get from the lobby to the con rooms was to walk half way around the hotel. There was a half hour from 6 pm to 6:30 pm (when many of our con attendees were arriving) where I stationed myself in the lobby to direct people around the wedding. After that the wedding ceremony shifted over to a reception, and they let us walk around the edge of the courtyard.

The Con birthday (20 years since the first ConCertino) was well attended (maybe a bit too well attended). While the consuite was a good size for a suite, it was not big enough to handle events being held in there.

The concerts on Friday were great, although I spent a lot the time bouncing from one place to another, so I didn’t see any complete concerts Friday. I often do that at cons, it is my attempt to be everywhere at once so I don’t miss anything. No, it doesn’t work, but I can’t seem to stop myself. I was also acting as gofer to consuite & dealer’s room.

I did go to the Memorial Circle, and I sang “307 Ale” for Alice Washburn. I don’t remember what I sang if anything in Open Filk on Friday night.
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We held a con it was awesome,
my heart is full, my brain is tired
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It was a great con )
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I am going to talk about Concertino out of order and start at the end.

Sunday night at the MassFilc meeting it really hit me hard that I am moving (geographically) away from a wonderful community.

Three years ago, trying to find a social outlet after the break-up of my marriage, I walked into Concertino ’06. Only one person, at the time, knew my name, but I was welcomed. This year I helped make Concertino ’09 happen, and of the 130 attendees there were less than 20 people who didn’t know me.

As the Dead Dog circle got smaller, and more locals went home I was also realizing that once I move, it will be months or years before I see most of you again. I was barely able to hold myself together to sing I’m going to go back there some day which is my typical swan song of the con. (It also happens to be the first thing I stood up and sang at a filk circle, back at Arisia ’05)

I will try to make it to the July MassFilk meeting, and I plan to send my proxy with someone to the Annual meeting (just so that I can feel like I’m still involved), but in case I don’t see some of you again you before I move.

So Long and Thanks for all the Filk

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Jun. 22nd, 2009 09:14 am
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150 friends posts since I was brousing lj last Thursday, and I haven't been reading lj thouroughly since before DucKon, so...

If you have posted any Big News in the past two weeks please give me a wave.

I currently want to add posts on

CGC visit
Relocation Process
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but my pants are so bankrupt. Beyond the usual "too busy to read LJ", the screen of my laptop stopped working on Saturday, right after I finished editing a spoken word piece I was planning on doing that night. I couldn't get the screen to work for the rest of the con.

Other than that frustration, and missing [ profile] chaoticgoodchic on her birthday, everything was good.

Most of the con was spent hanging out with people, chatting (too many to mention, but if we talked, then thank you for adding to my fun.) and going to filk circles. I'm glad that I went to the memorial circle, I had only met Greg recently, and in a way, that circle let me get to know him better. It was wonderful seeing Faeryn & Maya again, and meeting Scott.

I did 5 songs in open filk over the course of the weekend. All of which were well received.

Friday I did Mary Ellen Carter & Colonies' Lament,
Saturday I did Catch a Tail by the Tiger & Getting to be a Rabbit with Me,
Sunday I did my usual I'm Going to go Back There Someday

I tried avoiding the Concertino 09 concomm planning meeting, but it came after me. I was invited to do the Hotel Search for the convention (partly because they would like to hold it in Worcester again, and I am the only member of MassFilc currently living in Worcester). I accepted. I have No Idea what I do next.

The concerts were all highly entertaining, Including the Song Sequiter "panel".

Closing note: Sunday night; Waiting at South Station for a train back to Worcester, I met up with Guitar player, and he admired my cloak. He asked if I was a LARPer? Or maybe I did ren-fairs, I said "no, I'm a filker" and then some more we spoke.

He was in town visiting family for the weekend, and was waiting for a train back to Quebec City. He recognized the term Filk, so I asked where he had heard of it. He said he had learned about it after he heard, "This woman who wrote a song based on the Firefly Theme". So of course I informed him that she would be one of the Guests of Honor at FilKontariO in April.

[Just a couple more and I can get a New Toaster ;) ]
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I have been filking at fannish events for almost 18 years now, (My first exposure to live filking was Noreascon III, but that’s another story) but this was my first, “Filk Con.” I feel like I fell in love with about 75 people at the same time.

• The “Encore” game on Friday set the mood for the weekend beautifully.
• It was interesting having everyone watching me at Daniel Glasser’s concert. (It was my first time hearing “Close your Eyes”.) I later got the pleasure of watching other people hear it for the first time.
• I loved the “Yoga for Filkers”
• What can I say about my first Interfilk Auction? In spite of the fact that I lost on everything I bid on {most of it to Faeryn :p ;) } somehow I didn’t mind too much, and had a good time anyway.
• Mike I swear I never saw those lyrics before, you just wrote it so well that they were easy to pick up, in real time, across the room; I’m starting to scare me actually. I will say that my favorite song of yours this weekend was “Halfway There” (It was also the most painful for me, but I digress).
• Got away with only spending $175.00 in the dealers room. {Which is easier when you aren’t paying for a hotel room.}
• I had several really great conversations, with too many people to list them all, so

Thank you all for being my first.

Random Factors & Strange Attractors
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The Filk was great at this years Concertino


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