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I've been busy, That's part of why I havent posted much lately (plus limited internet access).

Last weekend we went to a small filk circle in Milwaukee. It was a change of pace to filk with people who haven't heard all my material. I even tried some new (for me) stuff.

Lately I have been reglasing CGC's windows (wood sills) priming them, and repainting them. We are changing color for a dusty green, to a rusty orange. I have also repainted the north side door, and the address sign.

I picked up the book Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire at a B&N in Arlington Heights yesterday. They had 9 copies. I have not had a chance to read it yet. I have been reading Edible Forest Garden: Vol 1 which will (I hope) help me plan next spring's garden.

If we get an early fall this year it's my fault. I made a beef stew for dinner this week. (Beef stew is one of the signs of fall for me.)

Last night CGC took me to see Montrose Harbor. There was a bit of haze in the air, but the moon was almost full, and shone beautifully on the lake.

My brother the poet will be arriving in Chicago on the 12th of September. He will be the Featured Poet at Green Mill Poetry on September 13th. Then he is leaving on the 16th.

Job Search

Jun. 30th, 2008 12:40 am
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Just in case anyone hadn't already noticed, I live in the Boston area, and My Lady lives in the Chicago area. To that end (or to end that), I am looking for work in the Chicago area (preferably Metro accessable).

I am a Software Quality Assurance Engineer (Tester) with 3.5 years experience.

If anyone hears of a Software QA job, or can suggest a good company to work for, in Chicagoland, please let me know.
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In no particular order )
And next year's DucKon Filk Guest is Seanan McGuire
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My Vacation plans

Vacation time off from work, arranged
Ticket to Chicago, arranged
Place to stay in Chicago, arranged
Ride from Chicago to Columbus, arranged
Place to stay in Columbus, arranged
OVFF Pre-reg (including Banquet), mailed today
Stock Payout to fund trip, check arrived today, deposited in bank
Someone to watch cats while I'm away, arranged


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