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A joyous birthday to [ profile] ocelotn, [ profile] mysticfig, and [ profile] gee_tar

Also, if last year was "The Answer" for me, then I don't want to know the question.
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Happy belated birthday to [ profile] mrgoodwraith and [ profile] vaurien

Happy Birthday to [ profile] zimarra and [ profile] geojlc

and an early Happy Birthday wish to [ profile] emp42ress


Jan. 3rd, 2011 08:24 am
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In less than a month my age will be The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything.

I have decided what I want for my birthday this year is a Bodhran. There is a dealer who regularly comes to Arisia who carries Bodhrans and I plan on picking one up there. They are not cheap, reasonable ones for a beginner range from $75.00 to $200.00.

With this in mind I am accepting donations/birthday money to help me pay for one. No one should feel obligated to contribute, but any gifts will be appreciated.
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My brother Bruce who is hitting the big 40 today

Also happy birthday to [ profile] tollers

(yes, I am aware that this is also "the Baggins" birthday, but they aren't on my flist.)
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un-unbirthday to [ profile] ocelotn and [ profile] gee_tar
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[ profile] runnerwolf

I'm guessing you won't be at OVFF this year

It's been too long
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[ profile] bercilakslady

And may you have a wonderful day of celebratory...


See you Sunday
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[ profile] ocelotn
Today as I was headed to Formaggio Kitchen, I walked past you old house, so I doubly thought of you today. Happy Birthday, and I hope California agrees with you better than Massachusetts did.
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I decided to splurge and treat myself, so before meeting up with people for lunch, I decided to go shopping for myself on Newbury St. in Boston.
I bought
  • a chocolate filled pastry, and a cherry-hot chocolate chai at Tealux.

  • a book FANTASY The best of the Year 2007 at Trident Bookstore

  • 2 shirts, a matching tie, and some collar stays at Filene’s Basement

  • “Helping Hands” hand cream, and aluminum free deodorant at LUSH

  • A couple of shirt collar enhancers at Classic Tuxedo

  • and a new wallet at Hempist

I visited my brother at Formaggio Kitchen where he works; he gave me some gourmet chocolates. It was a beautiful day and they were grilling outside the store, but I had to meet up with people. I got to Uno’s in Harvard Square a couple of minutes after 2:00pm. They had no trouble seating a party of twelve (apparently business was slow because there is some kind of sporting event today). Joining me were [ profile] fiddledragon, [ profile] orawnzva, [ profile] pezzonovante, Holly, Eddy, [ profile] ultimatepsi, [ profile] maedbh7, Brian, [ profile] theloriest, [ profile] bercilakslady, & [ profile] dvtune.

As people were looking at the menus I pulled out the 3x5 cards and colored pencils, so we could play “1000 blank white cards” well 100 actually, and we didn’t use all of them (I premade 16 cards, had each player make 2 cards, and mixed in 1 blank for every 2 made cards, so roughly 52). When I mentioned my plan the reaction ranged from “Cool I never get play that”, to “I’ve heard of it but never got a chance to play” to “What’s that?” The game went well with admiring of art and cleverness.

From my friends at the party I got; a lovely meal, lots of hugs, a Giant Microbes: Brain Cell from [ profile] bercilakslady, the game Hex Hex from [ profile] ultimatepsi, and a ride home from [ profile] dvtune.

I also got [ profile] chaoticgoodchic singing "Happy Birthday" as well as birthday wishes from many friends near and far.
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I hope [ profile] queenie122 and [ profile] harperjen both had a very happy birthday today.
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to [ profile] ewin

I tried to mail you a cake with a guy in it, but the post office thought he was a terrorist And they confiscated the cake. So I hope you'll settle for my best wishes.

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To [ profile] theloriest

I hope you have a good day youngster
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Happy birthday to [ profile] tattercoats and [ profile] talis_kimberley

May your day be filled with family, friends and festivities

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Thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday on Friday (Feb 1st). I completed 2 dozen beeswax tapers this weekend to celebrate.

This year I turned 39, which means just 3 more years till the answer to "life, the universe, and everything".

It turns out that my post on Feb 1st was my 200th post. (I seem to post, on average, a little over twice a week)

Also, as of this week I have lj-friended 100 people (not including Moocards or myself). Last year my friends-list was roughly 1/3 male and 2/3 female. Now that I am at exactly 100 I have 67 females on my flist, and 33 males. (Trend? what trend?)
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But I still wish [ profile] slipjig a Happy Birthday
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to [ profile] jerusha

I'm hoping the reason you haven't posted much lately is that you are too busy having fun.

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Happy Birthday to two of my Canadian Friends [ profile] damedini and [ profile] robin_d_laws


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