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  • Monday: I went to Somerville to work on the schedule for 6Pi-con. I can tell you it looks like a great con.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Was spent getting the new house ready, swimming to avoid the heat, and worrying about [ profile] orawnzva.
  • Thursday: I visited orawnzva in the hospital. Next I went to my first Readercon, met [ profile] maryrobinette in person and got my copy of Shades of Milk and Honey signed. I crashed at my brother’s place, where I got to see him perform some poetry.
  • Friday: Back at Readercon, went to author readings, checked out the dealers room, went to a Interstitial Arts Party hosted by [ profile] skogkatt. As I was leaving met up with [ profile] hms42.
  • Saturday: I went to visit [ profile] fiddledragon in the morning. In the afternoon and evening I was at the MassFlic meeting in Nashua, N.H. [ profile] madfilkentist performed a new song that you have to hear to believe. While there I performed: Rich Fantasy Lives, Witnesses Waltz, Like Their Feet Have Wings, and One Small Hit
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Six months not painting was a bit longer than I had planned.

I have five paintings waiting to come out currently
  • Medicine Circle Painting, for the middle brother, current version started in 2006, original version started in 1999

  • Collage Painting, for the youngest brother, this one will be waiting a bit longer on the back burner

  • Figure Knotwork #4 (temporary title), Not yet started

  • Figure Knotwork #5 (temporary title), Not yet started

  • A Portrait of Glen McMullan, I owe Maya a painting from Conterpoint Interfilk Auction, Not yet started
Today I got some more work done on the Medicine Circle Painting. Keeping it simple as I get back into painting. I'm going to need to pick up at least one more canvas at the art supply store.

Figure Knotwork #4 is done in my head, but I still need to work out the pattern of #5

That should keep me busy for a couple of months.
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A little over a week ago I agreed to post on uncommon topics (it is still open to more questions if anyone is curious)

[ profile] pondside asked )
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I actually finished these paintings about a month ago, but it has taken till now to get the digital images downloaded.

This way to the art )
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It started on Friday when The IT dept. had an event in Boston. We went on a Duck Tour of the city & the river, then a tour of Fenway Park. Because of the event I was able to get home early.

Then Friday night I went to Phonix Rising Games to pick up a new game I had pre-ordered Cutthroat Caverns, and then I took it to Friday Night Open Gaming at WPI. It is a hack & slash game using cards instead of dice. We got in one game of it (It took 2 hours including teaching the rules) I also got in a game of Settlers.

I got home about 1 am and slept till 5:30am, when I had to get up to do a couple of loads of laundry.

After laundry I headed to Medford to help [ profile] xuth move. There were roughly a dozen people there who helped with the move at one point or another. Some I know, some I barely know, and some I have never met before (I’m not going to even try listing names).

Once there was a full load on the rental truck, we went over to his new address about 2 miles away in Cambridge. We ate lunch, and then started unloading. At about 3:30 I decided had reached my limit and went to the MASSFILC filk circle which was about 3 blocks away from Xath’s new address.

The filk circle started slow, but ended up one of the largest housefilks I had been to. I am sure part of the reason was this MASSFILC meeting was their election of officers. Joe Kesselman stepped down as president and [ profile] victorthecook was elected by acclaim. Also announced at the meeting [ profile] happyfunpaul is the Interfilk guest at Conchord 2008.

I brought 1 new song and 1 new poem to perform at the filk circle. I ended up doing both early before the crowd arrived. The poem did a bit better than the song. Later in the evening someone played a seasonal song, and I thought of the perfect follower, but I didn’t have it prepared; so I went online, looked up the words, plugged my headset into the PC and listened to the recording (I have all my filk CD’s backed up on my PC). I then performed the song and it was not bad. A couple of people even joined in. This brings me up 8 song/poems I feel comfortable performing in circle.

Sunday I crashed, I had hoped to make some progress on my paintings, but I had misplaced some of my tools (I spotted them this morning as I was leaving the house.)

In some ways I feel like this weekend was practice for Pythonacon next weekend.

It's done!

Jul. 26th, 2007 09:17 pm
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I have completed another painting! And I am happy with how it turned out. squeeee

This one was a fluke. A friend of mine at work, who is a software developer, happened to mention that the new house she and her husband moved into has lots of wallspace. The previous owner was an artist, so that there is track lighting all around the house to display artwork.

Of course my thought was that sounds like a nice place for one of my paintings to go. Then I realized that as an engineer she would probably find a pattern more interesting than a landscape.

Also around this time I had been doodling during a meeting one day and happened across a pattern that I thought would make a nice knotwork.

So I decided to make her a housewarming knotwork painting. I'll try to post some pictures of it this weekend.

I'm not sure when I started this painting, but it must be less than a month, because I had not started it yet when I went to conterpoint. That is amazingly fast for me to complete something. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaay

New Icon

Nov. 19th, 2006 10:24 am
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As I mentioned in and earlier post, before she left [ profile] jalo_lalo took some digital photos of some of my artwork including the Greenman Oak Mask I made a few years ago.

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After being in Chicago, IL 4 weekends ago; Columbus, OH 3 weekends ago; and Queens, NY halloween weekend; it was nice to stay home last weekend.

I did laundry
Picked up more bins of books from storage
Went grocery shopping
The local art suply store was having a sale on Canvas and Oil Paint.
All without leaving Worcester.

This coming weekend I am gaming in Providence, RI on Saturday; Hartford, CT on Sunday; and Marlboro, MA on monday.
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Snagged from [ profile] ladymondegreen

The meme reads:

The first five people to respond to this post, will get some form of wearable art/art/food, by me, about them that they like. I make no guarantees about quality or type, but I will assure that I will give it good effort and that the wearable art/art/food will be individual to you, so if you get a mixed CD or some sort of painting doodle, jar or baked good, yours is the only one like it. possibly a drawing/painting/mixed media

I also took out the "promise to put it in your journal part" but I do encourage people to pass it on.

And, as [ profile] ladymondegreen said,I make no promises about just how quickly these will come, given my totally overbooked schedule these days.


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