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Well maybe not the worst, but in some ways it was not an easy con this year.
The physical absence of Badger was quite noticeable at times. I missed Badger far more than I thought I would. I definitely got hugs and socializing which I needed last weekend.

Just so this post doesn't sound like a complete downer, let's talk about the Awesome. The concerts by Stranger Ways and Sassafrass were just incredible. How incredible you might ask? Take a look

The Changelings

The events I did make it too were quite good, Red Shift manages to keep being new and entertaining every year (which can be a challenge for that type of satire). The readings I went to were good. Filking went remarkably well. I saw many new faces in the filk room which makes me happy.

I was sorry to miss a couple of things, such as the SF/F poetry reading. Also I never found time to go looking for Christiana Ellis (no relation) to get my copy of Nina Kimberly The Merciless signed.

In spite of the fact that I was not in any way staff of Arisia, I felt like I was still working at the con this year. My jobs:
  • Concertino 2012 Publicity: Bring flyers and manage the fan table on Saturday, and in general talk up Concertino.
  • 7Pi-Con Filk Programming: Talk to certain people about performing at Pi-Con, touch base with Con Chair, and in general talk up Pi-Con.
  • President of MASSFILC: Run the monthly business meeting on Sunday, be a positive role model of filking, and in general talk up MASSFILC.
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I have been spending the past 5 days on face-to-face interaction instead of online, so if you had any big news I probably missed it (With the exception of [ profile] little_cinnamon's news, which I had been waiting for).

I had a great time at Arisia and got home safely late last night. I'll be posting about that later.
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It was the best of times )
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More details later


Jan. 3rd, 2011 08:24 am
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In less than a month my age will be The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything.

I have decided what I want for my birthday this year is a Bodhran. There is a dealer who regularly comes to Arisia who carries Bodhrans and I plan on picking one up there. They are not cheap, reasonable ones for a beginner range from $75.00 to $200.00.

With this in mind I am accepting donations/birthday money to help me pay for one. No one should feel obligated to contribute, but any gifts will be appreciated.
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I think we will go with bullet points )
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You people posted about 100 posts. I have skimmed through them but feel free to comment or e-mail me if you think I missed something important
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Arisia has just announced that [ profile] s00j is comming as a musical guest in January 2010.

*happy dance*
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After a train, a subway, and a shuttlebus I arrived at the hotel at about 7pm. At the door to greet me were )
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I had so much fun I...


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Packing for Arisia

  • Kilt^ Check

  • Hawiian Shirt^ Check

  • Leather Mask^ Check

  • Towel^ Check

  • Shipping Cylindars^ Check

  • Cloak^ Check

  • Choke Chain^ Check

  • Belt^ Check

  • Pi~Con T-shirt^ Check

  • Bathing suit^ Check

  • Sandles^ Check

  • Socks^ Check

  • Ear Cuff & Enhancer^ Check

Am I forgetting anything?


Dec. 19th, 2007 08:31 pm
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I have just purchaced my Arisia Membership

I'm going!
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Sunday, better late than never )
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Saturday at the con, work before play )
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Cons are an amazing experience for me. I have many diverse interests & hobbies, and most of them seem to intersect at a con.

Friday; random socializing )
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On friday I completed a SQL Server training course. I did learn some things, but at times it was very difficult to stay awake. The class was over at 4pm, but my ride would not be able to meet me till 7pm. The training center was next door to the Burlington Mall, ) I finished the book I was reading (A Year and a Day by Sara M. Harvey, good book, I highly recommend it) by 5pm )


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